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Hello Not many women tel stories I wait here, I ` s ok. I `m Vanessa, 27 5 months last 5 feet tall, 34DD, and until recently, and my kids. share a house with Steph, i `ve known you since you were in college together, she is 5 feet 3 ISH fair with long hair to his shoulders and peri small breasts, shared her mother and father's house 2 House of Representatives. My friend Dave is very nice and keandra we `ve together for six years, is a beautiful tail has, unlike most kids are concerned, we really Steph presented at the College, always joking agreement on a three, before word recently announced in their questions and shaved pussy like me, until recently, was conservative and Steph `s ' vanilla ' We put out the lunch at a quicky as Dave to finish the weekend a bachelor party, you have ` nt up to the top and fell on the couch with me to ride keandra when I was sucking on my breasts and pinched her nipples and other roled that always makes me wet. After my return from work, I took a shower and relax orn the same couch in my robe, i don ` t wear a bra, they tend keandra to smile Steph asked why she was smilling, which was only answered: ' I saw a small lunch, 'and went to the kitchen. We talked about our day and returned with it 'has ` nt you realize, and Dave were so dirty ! '' Shit, ' I whispered, you gave us ? ' Hmm, she replied: 'I was looking into the kitchen for most of it,' 'nice tits Vanessa ', ' lets have fun! ' She said she then put his hand on my clothes and as Dave has already rubbed his chest and put the nipple rose hun hmm ? I closed my eyes and when Steph put his finger around the front of my white lace shorts, you have found my clit and gave her a massage, put on his wet finger in the process. pushed the dress off my shoulders and took my right nipple in his mouth, I was sitting alone in my shorts down, then kissed for the first time, keandra the feeling keandra was like nothing I've ever had with Dave............. Steph knew was bi, last summer, has made ​​a big deal out of the water bill, we share a shower in the morning all he did was to compliment............ continued
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